Past Events


ACTION POTENTIAL is a new dance and science collaboration that aims to raise awareness for Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

Choreographer Anne-Marie Smalldon is creating a new dance work inspired by the work of Neuroscientist Dr Rickie Patani and his team. Combination Dance Company joins forces with Dance Consulting, the MND Association and Manchester Metropolitan University. Dancers and martial arts performers delve inside a motor neurone to explain how scientists think they work. This performance combines interactive dance to join in and enjoy. Established professional artists illustrate the impact of MND on those living with the disease and their families and how MND effects the body.

Our most prestigious performance to date was at the Science Museum Lates on the 25th January 2017.




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"I thought the end depiction of loss of movement was brilliant"

"Combination of music & dance - no words, no need for them"

"Fantastic change from fun learning to emotional dance during second half"

"Keep up the good work - great link - science & art"